How to recover gmail password without phone number and recovery email

by Rickard Hernell

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number and Recovery Email

Remembering password is no longer a concern for most people, thanks to smart devices that save our passwords. However, the situation turns complex when you need to access your Gmail account from a new device and you have forgotten your password. It gets even trickier when you have not assigned a phone number or recovery email. This tutorial is written just for you, to simplify the process of password recovery.

Understanding Gmail Password Recovery

Contrary to common belief, you can still reset your Gmail password in the absence of a phone number or recovery email. It may sound perplexing, and you may feel like bursting into a panic, but the objective of this guide is to help you navigate through this maze.




No Recovery Phone Number Security Questions Google will prompt a set of questions
No Recovery Email Address Last Known Password Try to remember a previously used password
Can’t Remember Any Details Account Verification via Registered Device Google can push a verification prompt to your previously connected device(s)

How to Recover Gmail Password

Here are the steps to recover the Gmail password without phone number and recovery email:

  • Visit Google Account Recovery page
  • Enter your Gmail account address
  • Click on “Forgot password?”
  • If asked, type your recent password
  • Google will prompt you with a list of options for verifying it’s you
  • Select the suitable option
  • Follow the instructions
  • Set a new password

A Few Tips for Successful Password Recovery

Remember your past passwords: Google might ask you if you remember any of your past passwords or when you last changed your password. Don’t worry, even vague details help.

Account creation date: Google might take you back in time and ask you when you created your Google Account.

Other Google Services: Be open to provide details about other Google services you use like Google Drive, YouTube, etc., and when you started using them.

There you have it! You’ve just learned how to recover a Gmail password without a phone number and recovery email. Keep your account details handy for the future. To ensure you have alternative ways to recover your account, adding a secondary email or phone number to your account is recommended. Happy emailing!

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