Skoda Kamiq: review

by Jakob Holmgren

Skoda Kamiq has won Drive Car of the Year, Best Small SUV two years in a row – for good reason. Skoda may have been late to the small SUV party when they came up with the Kamiq. Buyers were already well catered for with cars such as the SEAT Arona, Honda HR-V and Nissan Juke. But Skoda managed to launch something impressive enough. Here comes our 2022 Skoda Kamiq review.

NameSkoda Kamiq
Car typeSUV
Country of originCzech Republic

Skoda Kamiq Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo is a sporty alternative of the Skoda Kamiq, with a vRS-inspired look. We think it’s one of the better-looking small SUVs on the market. And although the interior lacks elegance, it feels functional. It is also very practical. There’s plenty of head and legroom front and back. Adults will certainly be more comfortable in the back seat than they would be in the Nissan Juke. The Skoda Kamiq’s boot is quite large, with a lot of cargo volume even if you don’t fold the back seat.

Skoda Kamiq infotainment 2022

Most 2022 Skoda Kamiq models are petrol-powered. The cheapest models come with a 95PS 1.0-litre engine, but we’d recommend the more powerful 115PS version if budget allows. There’s also a good DSG automatic gearbox, if you can’t be bothered to change gear yourself.

Although the Ford Puma and SEAT Arona have the edge when it comes to driving dynamics, the Kamiq is still pretty easy to drive. Visibility is not bad and reversing sensors are standard in most of the range.

Buyers can choose from four levels of equipment. We’d avoid the standard Kamiq S trim – it’s a bit too basic, with a very small 6.5-inch media display and no front armrest or remote central locking. Otherwise, it’s about how much you’re willing to pay. The Monte Carlo looks and feels pretty special, with great styling and a very high level of standard equipment, but you’ll pay a lot of money for a car like this.

Which is the best Skoda Kamiq model/engine to choose?

Don’t bother with a diesel if you don’t usually drive far. The 1.0-litre petrol car is very good, especially the more powerful version.

In terms of equipment level, we would choose the highest equipment you can afford. The entry-level Kamiq S model is quite simple, while the SE and SE L models are more attractive to many buyers. The top model is the attractive and sporty Monte Carlo, which manages to look and feel quite flashy, but you’ll have to pay a bit more for it – but then you’ll get to enjoy top-of-the-range Skoda Kamiq style.

Comfort and design: the Skoda Kamiq interior

If you’re buying a small SUV for a high seating position, look at the larger Skoda Karoq instead.

There’s enough adjustment in the steering wheel and seat for most people to find a comfortable driving position, although electric seat adjustment is a fairly expensive option. Kamiq SE models and above come with adjustable lumbar support, which helps keep your back straight during a long journey.

The cabin is modern and stylish, similar to other recent Skoda models such as the Scala and Octavia. Another nice feature is the smart ambient lighting, but it’s only standard on the top-equipped Kamiq Monte Carlo. It is available as an option on smaller models, but at a high price.

Touchscreen, USB, navigation and stereo in Skoda Kamiq

The base model of the Kamiq S comes with a 6.5-inch touchscreen that does little more than operate the radio. This will suit some buyers, but we think it’s worth upgrading to the SE for its 8.0-inch screen, which also provides Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring.

Higher trim levels (SE Drive and above) come with a fancier 9.2-inch system, which also includes navigation. This is not strictly necessary but it is a desirable upgrade. It also gets Laura, Skoda’s voice-controlled personal assistant similar to Siri or Alexa.

All three media systems are simple and easy to use, although the buttons on the small 6.5-inch system make it the easiest to navigate on the move. The larger systems rely on touch-sensitive tiles that look and feel more modern, but are not as user-friendly.

Skoda Kamiq vs T Roc

Choose Kamiq. The Skoda Kamiq 2020 test conducted by Whatcar concluded that the Kamiq offered higher performance at a better price than the T Roc.

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