The man who saved me on my isekai trip is a killer

by Rickard Hernell

My Unforeseen Encounter

Have you ever met someone who changed the trajectory of your life unexpectedly? One minute you’re going about your mundane routines, and then suddenly, life quirks itself into an unpredictable fairytale. Yes, you got it right. That was what happened to me on my isekai trip. Never in a million years had I thought, ‘the man who saved me on my isekai trip is a killer!’

The Peculiar Meeting

This tall, dark-haired man with sharp, commanding features, I bumbled into him during my isekai journey. A bump-in that was far from ordinary, one that saved my life! I could see why he’d blend into the crowd. You’d probably overlook him in a bustling city street, with his nondescript looks. But in the isekai plains, he stood out hauntingly.

But why tag him as a killer? Oh, don’t jump into conclusions just yet. Let’s stroll through the stranger course of events that unfolded.

Meeting Point Dangers Encountered His Actions
The Lost Woods Wild beasts Fought them off
Twilight Mountains Inclement weather Guided me to safety
Eternal Night Plains Enemy ambush Neutralized the attack
The Stormy Sea Rogue waves Sailed us to calmer waters

The Grim Realization

His swift responses, the precise way he moved, his inexplicable knowledge of danger, it all started making sense. But the realization only struck when I witnessed a chilling scene. A covert enemy attack at night, hushed whispers, and then silence. He emerged from the darkness, a grim expression lining his face, unmistakably of an individual who deals with death.

His Confession

The man who saved me on my isekai trip admitted he was indeed a contract killer. Strangely, this revelation didn’t frighten me. Instead, it deepened the enigma that he was. He was no cold-blooded murderer.

  • Empathy: Despite his lethal profession, he saved a complete stranger, me.
  • Honor: He never harmed anyone who wasn’t his target.
  • Remorse: He was constantly battling his internal demons.


The man who saved me on my isekai trip – he indeed was a killer, but not your average one. He found comfort in paradoxes. He had the terrifying power of causing death yet cherished the beauty of life.

My isekai journey was a revelation. A trip that was supposed to be an escape turned into a lesson about life’s mysterious turns. It left me pondering the definition of ‘good’ and ‘evil.’ And most importantly, it introduced me to an uncanny soul, a killer who was more humane than many so-called normal individuals.

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