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by Rickard Hernell

Delving Into Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

As you venture into the world of scientific services and instrument manufacturing, a corporation that clearly stands out is Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Simplifying science, accelerating research, and pioneering discoveries, this American provisioner of scientific research services has crafted a world of its own in the niche it operates. But there’s more to Thermo Fisher Scientific than meets the eye! Let’s dive deeper.

The Genesis and Growth of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Worry not! We aren’t going into lengthy company history here. However, understanding the roots of any entity gives us a fresh perspective on its true essence, doesn’t it? Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. had its humble beginning in 1956 and now stands tall as a premier scientific research service provider, and a leading manufacturer of scientific instruments.

The company merged with Fisher Scientific in 2006, forming the behemoth that is familiar to us today. Clueless about the magnitude of its growth?

Let’s make things easier to comprehend by using this illustrative table:

Year Milestone Impact
1956 Thermo Electron is founded Brought innovation to the scientific instrument market
2006 Merged with Fisher Scientific Extended reach to over 350,000 customers globally
2013 Acquired Life Technologies Corp Expanded R&D capabilities
2020 Contributed to Covid-19 testing and vaccine development Used scientific expertise to battle the global pandemic

The Core Principle: Turning Complexity into Simplicity

You’d be completely mistaken if you think that Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.’s grandeur lies only in its vast size and reach. The soul of the corporation is its unique and relentless pursuit of simplicity. This is reflected in their wide array of offerings. So, what are these offerings, you ask?

Here are a few, listed for your convenience:

  • Lab equipment and consumables
  • Life sciences solutions
  • Pharma services
  • Clinical diagnostic equipment

Fostering Responsiblity: The Thermo Fisher Scientific Way

It’s not all about business profits and global reach. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. also showcases a deep commitment to its responsibilities. Be it in the realm of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, corporate governance, or ethical conduct, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s commitment is unwavering and commendable.

The Takeaway

In a nutshell, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is an exemplary corporation sailing steadily in the vast ocean of scientific services. Nevertheless, like you and me, it is more than just a name and a business entity. It’s a juggernaut driven by principles, committed to its responsibilities, and dedicated to bettering the world through science. Fantastic, isn’t it?

So, here’s to appreciating the marvels of Thermo Fisher, its commitment to bettering the world, and the simplicity it brings to science!

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