The big advantages of an electric heater

by Rickard Hernell

Since the introduction of electric park bikes in Sweden a few years ago, they have had their ups and downs. This is because careless people have put them everywhere and they have been scolded for being an environmental villain because of this. But a good electric heater can also have a lot of advantages.

The website has a big electric park bike test where you can see the best models of the year.

Some of the major advantages of an electric heater

Easy to get to new places

For tourists, electric park bikes have been a very big advantage. In a big city like Stockholm, for example, an electric scooter gives you a whole new opportunity to get around the big city faster. For example, if you find it a bit tricky to learn a new metro system when visiting a new and big city, an electric scooter might be perfect. When you find the nearest electric park bike for hire, just turn on the GPS on your phone and go where you want to go. You know that place where the bus stops far away and the subway doesn’t even go to.

Easy to get to your job whenever you want

Easy to get to your job whenever you want

Let’s face it, a bicycle, however perfect a mode of transport it may be, can be a bit of a hassle to get to and from work. Especially if you have to cycle a long way or go up and down hills. Here, the best electric park bike for your purpose could be the solution. You’ll also save time by getting there faster, maybe even without your breath.

A study from Seattle in the US also shows that the city has met its transport targets. As it turns out, the goal has become easier to meet as more and more people have started using electric park bikes.

The study also shows that using the usual ways of travelling, without walking, cycling or electric park bikes, could expose travellers to 60,000 jobs. Including the small funds, 200,000 more jobs could be reached. Compare in our electric park bike test.

Which electric park bike is right for you?

So what kind of scooter are you looking for that suits you. Here are a few examples of power sockets that may be suitable for your use.

You might have a little longer to work. Then there are also alternatives that are a bit more resilient and built for a bit tougher treatment. If you use it a lot, you may want to make sure it will last. It is also equipped with a saddle that can be very helpful if your commute is long.

Maybe the Rull 2000wa 60v is your best electric scooter. It gets up to 50 kilometres per hour. Here, you should therefore remember to drive in the designated area. With large wheels of 26 cm in diameter, you can also easily keep your balance thanks to the speed. It costs 19625 SEK but is definitely worth the price in the long run.

There are also good choices if you’re looking for something cheaper and simpler. Maybe your commute isn’t as long during the day, but you still want to be able to take it easy to get to work. The best electric scooter for you might be Rull Nitrox. It is also equipped with a saddle. With its speed of 12-15km/h, it’s easier to control and you’ll get to work safely.

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